Stop undermining yourself

Stop undermining yourself
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Stop undermining yourself. Some of the things you do to demonstrate your authority may actually be making you appear weaker. If you seem to be trying too hard to “show who’s boss,” you’re more likely to be mocked than respected.

  • Unless you’re a drill sergeant, getting angry and shouting are not usually the best ways to demonstrate your authority. Likewise, appearing defensive when questioned or challenged tends to indicate weakness, not strength.[4]
  • Some people think being authoritative means making snap decisions and sticking with them no matter what. In reality, taking the time (whenever possible) to think through a problem and making a calm, reasoned decision — and then sticking to it — demonstrates secure authority.[5]
  • To convince others of your authority, you have to convince yourself first. Once you embrace the authority you know you have, you won’t feel the need to try so hard to prove it to other people. Your confidence will speak for you.[6]