This service delivery can be either a full-time service on monthly or yearly payment terms or a one-time service.

  • $1500 Monthly (Excluding Call Credit, Bulk SMS, and Campaigns Budget).
  • $16000 Yearly (Excluding Call Credit, Bulk SMS, and Campaigns Budget).
  • 2 x Weekly Video Content (either animation, Talk Show, Interviews, or short play) made available for Publishing.
  • Daily writeup published with pictures (storyboards or related content pictures) and graphics design.
  • Weekly report with analysis and data extraction.
  • Free Follow-up on all social handles.
  • $100 per 1min video editing (Special effects inclusive)
  • $100 per 1min Video Content Scripted concept (either animation, Talk Show, Interviews, or short play). Scripted ideals above 1min will be considered for discount.
  • $20 per Daily writeup.
  • $40 per 1 scene storyboard.
  • $5 per 1 related content pictures makeup.
  • $70 per 1 graphic design.
  • $60 per Weekly report with analysis and data extraction.
  • $30 per daily Follow-up on all social handles.
  • Bulk SMS (1page message is estimated to cost 3.50c to one number)
  • Campaigns Budget
Facebook $7.19 per 1000 impressions
Instagram $7.91 per 1000 impressions
YouTube $9.68 per 1000 impressions
LinkedIn $200
Twitter $75
Pinterest $30 per 1000 impressions

Other Platforms at your desired fixed budget:

Frequently used third-party Applications in your region

Frequently used third-party websites in your region

Frequently patronize third-party TV shows in your region

Frequently used third-party magazines and newspapers in your region


CPM is an important advertising term in the marketing world. CPM in advertising allows you to see how much 1000 advertisement views, or impressions, would cost.

An easy way to understand CPM is by putting it in context. For example, if a website’s CPM charge is $5.00, that means that you, as the advertiser, would be paying that $5.00 every 1000 times your ad was seen. After all, CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions”!

Visit Reference to know more: WebFX. (2021, November 30). 🤖 CPM Calculator | Free Online CPM Calculator.


  1. Optimize your content for Mobile Advertising, such as pop notifications and handheld applications (e.g. status-related ads):
  2. Strategic content development that meets all Search Engine Optimization for Traffic Growth:
  3. Synchronizing all your content to be distributed from one dashboard to all your social handles:
  4. Online/Social Marketing:
  5. Follow-up

The above service involves the following breakdown activities:

  1. Content development:  This includes Scripting/Script Writing (Including Translation), Story Board,  Graphic Design, Video Editing, Animation, and production planning.
  2. Customer Relation Management: Monitoring, data analytics, follow-up.
  3. Outboard/Inboard call management (Optional): This section can be configured in your office premises and assigned to your reception or social department. Your online presence will be presented with a specific contact number (this will also be configured to business WhatsApp),
  4. Bulk SMS: Sending updates to generated contact numbers from leads.
  5. Social Campaigns: We help you with professionally optimized content that enables you to reach a High CPM in your Target. We also use the Affiliate Marketing method to engage other marketing influencers.

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