Recurring Payment

Recurring Payment

Before we proceed, I would like you to picture your website as your online self-own apartment for your designated activities via the world wide web to inhabitants in the global world.

Yes, it is good to find your presence or build/promote your brand on other social platforms, but the truth is, there are certain things you cannot control in a rented apartment. Therefore, consider those platforms as branch offices or rented apartments. Always find a way to route your audience back to your website and mobile application.


Back to the point of the day – If you own a website and have not integrated a digital tool for financial activities, then you should take this ongoing update from us seriously. We want to ensure all client websites have an active online transacting feature on standby.

Do not wait for another pandemic to start setting things in place. Do not rely solely on bank transfers. These generations work more with “click, click, successful” than going through the stress of copying your bank account into routing between two interfaces to finalize a transaction from your website.


Integrating Online Financial Gateway features on your website is essential for many industries and NGOs—especially in achieving the subject matter of this post – Recurring Payment.

A recurring payment is recommended for services as a daily, weekly, monthly, or monthly subscription or commitment. This feature reduces many adverse transacting risks in society and helps service providers and patronizers be on course without delay.

Most payment gateways automate recurring payment features to work with date and time schedules, among other customer relation features. For example, on the due date, the agreed amount will automatically be deducted from the same payment method used by the patronizer.

Recurring payment, among other online payment features (like scan to pay), is not new in online payment practice. But it is important to emphasize this feature to remind our clients what they might have missed out on.

Imagine a moment without gathering or running an online event if you run a religious website. All you need to do to save time is to flash the website address or application designed for a user interface to send a giving or donation. Then, imagine members clicking to allow the same action simultaneously for the next event or project. Sometimes, I guess holding just a receipt of giving in place of cash during offering time… I feel this method can manage competition/show-off in religious gatherings and justify a prayer part in the Holy Scriptures, which says, “and lead us not into temptation”.

For business service providers, recurring payments keep you focused on failed attempts of about 10% rather than spending the high cost of follow-up on everybody on your list.

To manage discrimination, we won’t list types of payment gateways in this post. However, we are always available to install the best or your selection based on our recommendation that will suit your business location on your website.

This service does not require additional payment if you’ve already hosted your website with us.


For interested customers, our web design ranges from $150 and above. So whether you want to sell your product, display your services, run an online school, run a financial lending site, or own your social/community platform, Contact us today to get started: