Communicating with Authority

DOPMS-LLC ARTICLESCommunicating with Authority

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    Face people and make eye contact. Your mother may have told you it was good manners to look other people in the eyes while speaking to them, but it also helps attach an additional air of confidence to your words. Like an animal asserting authority in the wild, stand tall and directly face those whom you intend to lead.[9][10]

    • If you are giving a presentation, for example, assume the “power position” at the start — stand in front of the podium, directly facing the audience and making eye contact throughout the room. If you are going through slides, don’t get caught facing the screen or standing perpendicular to both screen and audience the whole time. Face the people and look at them whenever possible.
    • You don’t need to intensely stare at someone while speaking to him/her. But return your gaze regularly to the person, and try not to look down at all while talking.

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