Proposal to Mr Oridu Dara

Greetings of the day to you, sir,

In our last discussion, you mentioned that you are the president of an activity related to school debate in Nigeria. I went off on that discussion when you told me you dont have any online record showcasing these activities. This lapse of not having an online presence despite the incredible milestones you mentioned at the cause of our conversation was the primary reason I struggled to take our discussion seriously. However, lately, our last conversation kept flashing in my thoughts, generating the burden to see how I could come in and change the narrative. Therefore, I have outlined the first step to kick off your organisation’s official online recognition.


Imagine the possibilities of having a dedicated online platform, a virtual hub where clients and interested followers can easily access information about your events and upcoming activities. This website could serve as a dynamic reference point, enhancing your organisation’s visibility and engagement with its audience. With this development, at the mention of your proposals to any official body, your organisation’s activities will come on board when typed on the internet. The website will house the following activities:

  • Registration intakes
  • Data Management
  • Unlimited official
  • Gallery showcasing past events
  • Blog post (which will be synchronised with all your social media channels.
  • Online television channel embedding videos of all your past and live events.
  • Engagement of votes or activities that may involve online payment

Consider your website as your internet office building.


Considering that your primary targeted audience deals with schools and major patronisers are students, it is essential to consider having your brand activities compatible with being installed as an application on handheld devices. Research has shown that the current generation is more interested in handheld applications, making website patronage necessary for activities considered compulsory on PC or complex tasks.


Other necessary steps include optimising your online presence by registering your organization’s brand on all available social media and, occasionally, creating regular content to keep your presence active in search engines. Afterwards, we can confidently write letters to embassies about any international intentions involving their country while referring to the organization’s activities, which are now easily accessible on the World Wide Web.

The world is evolving, and not having your activities in the digital world up to this time can discredit your proof of existence internationally.

All the above are affordable and can be executed at a discounted fee of approximately $2000 – $3500 with five-year renewal services. This fee covers all website plugins and tools, including free training for all necessary departments.

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Best Regards

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