Data Analysts & Auto Grading System for WORLD ACADEMY OF DESIGN COMPETITION, WADA Awards (Grading system for Phase 1-3 (2022-2023 edition)

WADA Awards was a long-awaited vision of Mr Tarun Jain, a Jewellery and Gemelogist in the United Arab Emirates. It was an opportunity to share his vision, which he had long written down in his journey. Being part of the initial kick-start of the first Award Ceremony was a cherished fulfilment and milestone for us, which proved our vision of being concerned for startup businesses.

The judge’s grading sheet was inspired by our previous work with cloud data computing and management. It synchronises the grading between submission entries to the judges’ grading system to establish winners.

We also designed the WADA Award websites, maintained the websites for registration entries and registration payment gateways, and enhanced the User Interface of the sub-company’s websites. After the initial kickoff, building an association website for past participants became necessary.

This project was officially handed over in November 2023, right after the first edition ceremony.

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