MuscleSculpt Pro™ Abdominal Wheel


MuscleSculpt Pro™ Abdominal Wheel

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Say goodbye to endless hours at a gymᅠand hello to a more efficient way of building muscle.

Main benefits:

  • Build muscles faster and easier
  • Strengthen your whole body
  • Get more with less effort
  • Say goodbye to back pain


Are you tired of spending hours at the gym without seeing the results you desire? Say goodbye to endless hours of grueling workouts and hello to a more efficient way of building muscle. With our upgraded Abdominal Wheel, building muscle faster and easier is no longer a dream!

Get More with Less Effort: Our Ab Roller is designed to maximize your muscle-building potential in less time. Experience increased core strength and stability with each roll. This powerful fitness tool allows you to enjoy the burn and sculpt your muscles with pleasure. Say hello to a toned body in no time!

Say Goodbye to Pain: Are back pain, neck pain, or wrist pain holding you back from achieving your fitness goals? We have the solution for you. The FRule Ab Roller is equipped with elbow supports and curved handles, which intelligently transfer stress from the arms and shoulders to your abs. This feature not only avoids back and neck injuries but also ensures high-efficiency training and stretching. Exercise as much as you like without worrying about causing any pain or discomfort.

Strengthen Your Whole Body: Unlike ordinary ab rollers, our FRule Ab Wheel Roller is designed to target your entire body. Take your planks to a whole new level by incorporating running, jumping, twisting, and more. Engage every muscle group, from your toes to your arms to your neck, for a more efficient and effective workout. Experience a complete body transformation like never before.

Hit the Core and Get Results: With widened 4-inch curved ab wheels, our core trainer provides you with enhanced flexibility, allowing for easy turning and leaning. Maximize the exercise of your abdominal and oblique muscles, burn fat quickly, and sculpt those coveted six-pack abs. Take your fitness training to the next level with our revolutionary ab roller.

Unmatched Comfort During Workouts: Our high-quality rubber exercise wheels ensure a silent and slip-free workout experience. The handles and elbow supports are padded with sweat-absorbing and comfortable EVA foam, providing a firm yet cushioned grip. Say goodbye to noise and hand/arm pain, and fully immerse yourself in the pleasure of your workout. Feel the joy of muscle formation without any distractions.