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This offer is in two segments:

  1. Start-up of $150 (AED550.85) Website design service with general know-how training. This package has a yearly renewal of $100 (AED367.23)
  2. Start-up of $450 (AED1652.54) Website design service with general know-how training, weekly content development (like copywriting and graphic design) and site/social-handles activeness monitoring. This package has a yearly renewal of $300 (AED1101.69)


General Benefits (Eligible to the above two offers):

  1. We promise to build you a Stunning Website with First Class Service.
  2. Free Logo and other content designs or development, including helping you with the proper content development that suits your business activities during site structuring during the web design process.
  3. Free Training on know-how on your site environment (both back-end and front-end), such as loading products (for an e-commerce site), loading courses or school portal/learning management system (for an educational site), community/data management (for religious organization), general Training with a step-by-step handout on how to post content, create a form, create a new page, etc.
  4. Your website will be synchronized with all your social media handles enabling you to post content from your website to all your social accounts. Don’t worry if you are yet to have this handle. We will help you set them up and optimize your followership/likes/subscribers to at least 50-1000 users/followers/subscribers.
  5. Our website setup also comes with eCommerce Solutions that help you run smooth business transactions and other Integrations such as POS (for physical store owners, hotels, etc.), local international payment gateway, embedding (HTML, iFrame, Dev, API, etc.), DNS, social app creator, and more.



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