Your on-air presence is a character that brings information and personality to viewers. People tune in to not only hear the news, but hear it from someone they trust. Merging this presence with your social media presence seamlessly expands this character to a much bigger audience. It may seem like a daunting task, but you can successfully merge these two worlds.
Why Merge Your Presences?
Social media is easily accessible and free to viewers and listeners and scrolling through feeds is a task many people do throughout the day. Your social media personality can reach them any hour of the day instead of only the hours you are on the television screen or radio speaker. Your professional social media account directly correlates with your on-air presence. You present yourself in the same way, but on a different stage. The same rules apply on the internet as on-air. It’s about being professional, yet full of personality. Never state your opinion. Your on-air personality will shine online without your opinion. State the facts of your reports and answer comments without stating your own views. Viewers and listeners love to feel like they are being heard. The more viewers and listeners that feel you care about their thoughts, the more your audience multiplies.
Set Yourself Apart From Other Broadcasters
People want to know the news and they choose from whom they hear the news. You’ve worked hard to establish the person the audience hears on-air. If you have a tagline or a certain thing you do in all of your reports, carry this over to social media. Will Ferrell’s character in Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, says, “Stay classy, San Diego.” It’s easy and people remember him for it.
Connecting With Your Audience
Connecting with the public is one of the most important things to do in the media world. Your on-air personality and your social media personality work together to expand the media world by connecting to viewers and listeners on a deeper level. An audience that likes your personality is more likely to tune in to your reports and click on your status updates to find their news. This personality can spread like wildfire as people both see/hear you on-air and on social media. They share their thoughts on you with friends who then tune in to find out just what is so special about you. Let your personality shine in both places and suddenly the audience feels as if they have a new best friend.
There will always be news to report and an audience waiting to hear that news. In today’s world, many people are tuning out of cable TV and radio and into the online world because it’s free, simple and accessible. Sit back and watch as these two worlds collide when you merge your on-air and online presence and your audience multiplies, making your professional life soar!