LinkedIn Tips: Observing the Job Terms

LinkedIn Tips: Observing the Job Terms

I noticed that the downloaded form from and I think there will be a need for Linkedin developers need to include details about user employment type in the summarized downloadable profile resume. Not including these details seems not to be favorable to freelancers. Although I have decided to be more detailed in my job description to help myself out…

I feel I should voice it out because it might cause confusion to HR or hiring managers who are on fast sorting assignments and may not have all the time to pay attention to details. I just Imagined several ticks I have indicated on the “start immediately” answer to a job question. When downloaded, the same account is reading that I am active with many other companies to date without any additional explanation showing why that job is still active. In fact, now I am beginning to appreciate all the hiring managers who took their time in calling to find out why I am still active with many jobs. Probably they never called back afterward because they feel I will be too busy for their jobs.

Another option is to build a structure for freelancers. This is because freelancers like programmers or developers might be given a contract to build, design, and host at the same time. Hosting services and some programming services are mostly yearly renewals. During this subscription period, the developer or programmer runs updates or maintenance from time to time and such occasional service still binds them to their client till infinity. Unless the client feels dissatisfied and requests for transfer or discontinuation.

If you are not getting feedback from hiring managers, kindly download your cv on LinkedIn and be sure it is well digested by you.
Feel free to also share your ideas on possible solutions.
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