How to Appear More Authoritative – Creating an Authoritative Look

DOPMS-LLC ARTICLESHow to Appear More Authoritative – Creating an Authoritative Look

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    Know and accept your actual authority. While there can be benefits to appearing authoritative in excess of your actual authority, the focus in this article is on enhancing the appearance to match the reality of your authority. To do so, especially in a business setting, it is important that you are clear on exactly what authority you do possess.[1]

    • If your powers and responsibilities have not been clearly defined, discuss the particulars of your authority with your boss. Having things specifically laid out for you may make it easier for you to accept and represent this authority.
    • Another benefit of conferring regularly with your boss is making sure that you are on the same page. Making a decision, only to be quickly contradicted or overruled by your supervisor, tends to diminish your appearance of authority.

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