I am excited to source for a job opportunity that can enable me to work with new teams from different cultures, Identify and apply new enhanced techniques, improve my skill approaches, and gain fresh perspectives.


Mobile: +971545382336

E-MAIL: deborahdurunwa@outlook.com

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/in/debbystar

PORTFOLIO: deblinkco.com/portfolio






I have earned diverse media and information technology acquisition/skills, held managerial positions, and worked on various projects as a team member and leader. As a result, I have acquired dynamic experiences and am prompt in delivering tasks with quality results.


  • Professional Team Leader / Ability to Work in Teams
  • Fast Learner/Adaptability/ / Ability to Multitask
  • With Self-motivation
  • Good Communication
  • Computer Literate
  • Compliance with Customer Relations Management. I am an  Effective Time Manager
  • Compliance with eCommerce Solutions and Integrations (Payment gateway, API, embedding, DNS).
  • Compliance with Mac and Windows O.S. Environments, including common system/office applications
  • Compliance with Web Hosting, Web design using WordPress, W.I.X., or any Responsive Web Design UI/DIY
  • Compliance with the Learning Management System Setup
  • Networking for file transfer, network printing and internet protocols
  • Data management and automated live reporting
  • P.C. troubleshooting, system analysis, software installation, data recovery
  • Project Management


  • Scriptwriting, Content, & Brand Development
  •  Video Editing with a good understanding of motion/sound effects
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming, Internet Radio and Television Setup
  • Virtual PBX System for official calls with CRM, cloud recording/ customized IVR
  • Online/Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Traffic Growth


Arab Design World, Central Gold Souk – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Jewellery Design Training Institute for Gemvision U.S.A. in the Middle East and Gem Laboratory. (Also known as World Academy of Design)

October 2022 — present (Now Servicing remotely part-time since May 2023).

Assist toward the realization of the founder’s vision to start a yearly award event for all designers in the Jewellery industry –

Key activities: Copywriter, Content Developer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Website design and management, Social Media Management and Project Assistant for WADA Award Phase 1 -2.


  • Designed the World Jewellery Design competition registration websites (wadaawards.com) in international standard, with language translator, backend analysis and automation.
  • Designed the association community website with live interactive features (myjdworld.com).
  • Designed the judges’ score sheet and automated result reporting sheet with automated analysis to extract the top winners for each competition phase.
  • Designed the school 2023 brochure edition (worldacademyofdesign.com/ brochure), phase 1 competition introductory magazine, all banners and product case designs for the Istanbul show exhibition, and some recent exhibitions (currently consultant on contract base).
  • Redesigned the company’s letterhead and leading websites (worldacademyofdesign.com, arabdesignworld.com)
  • Occasionally assist in drafting outgoing letters to dignitaries. These include proposals, introductions, appreciations, updates, and follow-ups.
  • Daily monitoring of all social media handles, following up and Responding to incoming inquiries from affiliate marketers, students, and clients.
  • Publish bookings for upcoming courses and later automatedly optimized.
  • Optimized all social media platforms to above 1,000 followers.
  • Attended as a media representative for the company during the company’s official participation in some exhibitions, such as the J.G.T. Dubai – Jewellery Show and the International Colored Gemstone Association (I.C.A.) Congress.
  • Occasionally assist in preparing presentations, videos and graphic designs for social media posts.




Since August 2022

Established in the United Arab Emirates with a passionate vision to render I.T./Media-related service as an addon to help boost the viral growth of upcoming/small-scale businesses that may be running on low budgets due to their business capacity.

Collaborating as an addon media/I.T. related service with companies on project goals related to –

  • Company’s Social Branding/Marketing/Management
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Designs
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • eCommerce Setup
  • Professional Live Streaming
  • Learning Management System Setup
  • Official PBX/IVR/CRM Setup



I.C.T. Project Manager/Media Consultant at WATCHMAN STUDIOS & PRODUCTION,

LAGOS, NIGERIA – Since January 2016 — (Now Servicing Remotely since 2022)

Collaborated with the media production firm towards setting up satellite television


  • I managed the company’s websites, including sub-domains for its subsidiaries, with all full functionality related to the activities of each subsidiary.
  • Managed and set up facilities for online live classes/training and live meetings occasionally.
  • Project team member for satellite television.
  • Stream, simulcast, or broadcast live to all possible streaming platforms.
  • Achieve 24-hour video and audio stream during special events.
  • Set up and managed the Internet Radio and Television.
  • Arrange Content/Program Schedule for online T.V. and internet radio.
  • Online content manager, Online/Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Traffic Growth.
  • Automate posts from all official websites to multiple social platforms and groups.
  • Convert and compress videos to handheld versions like WhatsApp, TikTok, etc.
  • Troubleshooted, ran software installation, Analyzed System issues or Solved tech-related problems via Remote Desktop Control or on-premises.
  • Organize training for new staff intake from various branches.
  • Assist in producing DVDs, MP4, and MP3 in different collections for the sales department.
  • Run live presentations and embed relevant feeds like the lower third, announcement, break-in advert during live broadcast, etc.





Since January 2010 – (Currently structured to be managed by employees/team)

An I.T./Media firm for Publication, internet service, Computer repair, basic training & services


  • Remotely rendering tech-related consultancy services or training on request to businesses/organizations.
  • Supervise, monitor sales records, and ensure the satisfaction of incoming service requests from external clients.
  • Monitor internet traffic and ensure optimization for high-speed internet service.
  • Ensure good functionality of all office gadgets, workstation systems, and monitors | Resolve security bridge.
  • Occasionally Supervise Training quality and feedback from students. These include introduction to computers, computer hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and Internet surfing.
  • Troubleshoot and run the software installation
  • Conduct System Analyses via Remote Desktop Control or on-premises.



Assistant Business Development Manager at PINEVIEW ICT SERVICE,

IBADAN, NIGERIA – January 2008 — December 2010



  • Supervise the computer sales, training, Publication, and internet service sector.
  • Deliver daily reports to my direct manager.
  • Generate time tickets for internet browsing access to customers.
  • Type-set large-volume documents for customers.
  • Graphic designing.



Assistant Computer Technician at INI-OLUWA GROUP OF SCHOOLS,

IBADAN, NIGERIA – January 2005 — December 2008

A Primary and Secondary School with an I.T. service section

  • Assist in the computer laboratory during student training.
  • Trained students on computer awareness and how to browse,
  • Monitor sales activities in the school publication sector.
  • Generate time tickets for internet browsing access to customers.
  • Type-set large-volume documents for customers.




January 2003 — December 2005

A motorcycle and spare part business hub

  • I kept sales records.
  • Handle incoming calls.
  • Collect customers’ information and manage pre-orders.
  • Pay daily transaction total cash sales to the company’s bank account.
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Automation in Business


Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Diploma Nov. 2019 — September 2023

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Nov. 2019 — Jan. 2024 (In-view)


  • Film Making (Short-Course),


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates.

April 2022 — May 2022


  • Python Programming  (Short-Course),


United Arab Emirates.

March 2022 — April 2022


  • National Examination Council Examination

High School Result & Secondary School Leaving Certificate,



1997 – June 2002 | High School Certificate




  • Change Management Foundations (2016),
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Organizational Culture, Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Assessing Digital Maturity, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
  • Digital Transformation, LinkedIn Learning Certificate
  • Remote Work Foundations, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Content Marketing and Social Media, Nexford University
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Nexford University
  • Professional Communication, Nexford University
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking, Nexford University



Training on Satellite uplink and downlink, ViewMedia (ViewSat)

  • How to Upload to the ViewSAT server (How to use the Playbox, Setting Up Signiant Transfer, Setting Up Splashtop, and how to use the video server)
  • Broadcast setup, requirements, and parameters.
  • Content Schedule
  • Cloud management


Training on Adobe Premier Pro, Private Tutor

  • Setting Up a Project and Managing Projects
  • Exploring Compositing Techniques
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Creating Titles
  • Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequence


  • Contract IT Engineer for BONA MULTI SOLUTIONS

Completed in August 2019


Contracted Bona Multi Solutions to supply over 25 P.C.s and set up a call centre workstation configured with cloud-enabled PBX for effective call monitoring and reporting. This project was successfully executed during the Farmer’s Project awarded to AgroMall and in collaboration with Bona Multisolutions in Abuja, Nigeria.


  • Loan Management Application Setup for SOUTHWALK CAPITAL, Abuja, Nigeria. Executed in November 2019


Contracted to migrate a loan management system method from a spreadsheet to a professional application I recommended for the company. The project was successfully installed with additional facilities like SMS integrations, reminders, forecasts and staff dashboards.

Ref: southwalkcapital.com


  • Data Analysts & Auto Grading System, I.T./Media Consultant for LOGOS INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL, Imo State, Nigeria. September 2019,– REF: www.logiss.org


  • Designed and Maintained the school website, School Management system and automated grading system to date.
  • Supervised and coordinated the Installation of CCTV in 2021.
  • Supervised and coordinated the Networking of LAN/WAN installation in the school’s new admin building.
  • Made the bulk Supplies and installation of the new modern All-in-one P.C. to offices in the school’s new admin building.


  • Data Analysts & Auto Grading System for WORLD ACADEMY OF DESIGN, United Arab Emirates. October 2022

WADA AWARDS Grading system for Phase 1-3 (2022-2023 edition)


  • Designed and Maintains the website for registration entries
  • Synchronize and automate the grading between submission entries and judges’ grading system to establish winners.


  • Project consultant and Webmaster for LOCATION TRACKER G.P.S SYSTEM TRADING, United Arab Emirates. July 2023

REF: https://locationtracker.ae , https://locationxrental.com

An Automobile-related project for car tracking and car renting services


  • Designed the website and mobile application for the locationxrental.com car booking system
  • Project team member and official webmaster for client.

Free PBX/IVR/CRM setup:

Private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone system recommended for company official calls. Its functionality includes switching calls from customers through extension numbers to staff/customer care agents or within staff at free cost while enabling all staff to share a single phone line for official purposes. In contrast to a public switched telephone network, using a PBX saves the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company’s central office.


Optionally, with the implementation of the PBX, a single official number made known to the public can now be managed with multiple handhelds using single social tools like WhatsApp telegram, and all conversations can be monitored in one dashboard.



More benefit of PBX includes cloud recording for proper call monitoring, which is also linked with a customer relationship management system (CRM) to help the designated department manage and follow up with new and old clients.


The IVR system keeps the flow of incoming calls well organized and decentralized to the designated department. Thanks to the use of a text-to-voice system, which enables voice scripting for caller tune with working numeric command.


My experience setting up this service for clients over the years will greatly benefit your company because I am open-minded to train, ensure I save on the setup cost, and help the company focus only on the necessary subscription charges.





Exploring the media sector has earned me experience in video production, filmmaking, script writing, and media law. I have learned to apply this vital experience while executing or supervising video editing. I have good expertise in producing attractive montages, lower-thirds, animations, thrillers/short videos and lots more.


I can conveniently work on average usage with Premier Pro, Filmora, Cap Cut, and VideoPad by N.C.H. I can quickly adapt to editing software with a regular video editing environment and tools.



My experience in the use of spreadsheets over the years has earned me advanced knowledge in executing customized analyses. For instance, I have professionally built a school result report card that factored the complete school cumulative system in all termly circles using a spreadsheet.


I have also built an automatic grading system for competition, factoring all stages and automating position sequences. See the image preview below.


Aside from those mentioned above, I can build automated sales records, inventory reporting, or any customized account reporting intake or system.

All executions were done via cloud computing to enable real-time remote live monitoring.




Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application software helps organizations automate and manage core business processes for optimal performance. Customizing any ERP application software to fit into any organization’s structures and activities is a unique gift I have realized in my experience over the years. However, considering that most ERP software is expensive for certain organizational budgets, I have identified specific free plugins and applications that can be installed or organized into any official website to achieve the same functionality an ERP software can give, depending on the organization’s core activities. For instance, keeping the student, staff, and parent activities well organized is essential in a school setting. Therefore, I have identified plugins to manage communication between school management staff, parents and students or vice versa. These plugins are capable of presenting user dashboards based on their assigned capabilities. A sample of a student dashboard is shown below.


As a tech-savvy person, I can quickly become acquainted with any technological tools for taking memos, keeping track of staff permissions, and scheduling meetings, among other daily official activities.




The financial service-related application comes with easy customizable programming Interface. It has the functionality of managing Branches, Borrowers, Loans, Repayments, Collateral Register, Calendar, Collection Sheets, Savings, Savings Transactions, Investors, Investor Accounts, E-Signatures, Payroll, Expenses, Other Income, Asset Management, Reports, and Accounting.




I have earned diverse experience over the years when it comes to live-streaming. This experience enables me to conveniently work on any broadcasting software and distribute to social or satellite stations/platforms that allow live broadcast sequences via Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) or dedication streaming servers.


I have also understood the rules of frames, sound parameters, bandwidth management, and system configuration required for live streaming. Learning from these experiences enables me to configure my streaming settings/parameters to suit any environmental network condition for a smooth streaming experience.


My experience in website development enables me to set up online video-on-demand or live video/audio channels. I also have a traceable record of setting up a live radio and television channel on Android, making it available on the Google Play Store. Reference: VOWTV on Play Store.




I have earned diverse experiences over the years in website development. These include debugging, website transfers, backup/recovery, DNS routing, API integrations, and All language translation. My experience in graphic design and animations enables me to create a unique front-end look and feel for user interfaces.

I have advanced experience in automating certain website updates or blog posts to automatically repost instantly or on schedule to e-mails and other social handles like Twitter, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then, manually convert the post into motion video for TikTok broadcast.


I can conveniently build a social community website where users can communicate, own and customize their profiles and lots more.


My experience over the years with website themes and plugins enables me to reconfigure any website themes, plugins, or tools from the program package files to be remodified to fit into organizational activities terms, phrases or usage.



My experience over the years has earned me fundamental knowledge in Wireless Fidelity network protocols (Wi-Fi) or Local area network (LAN) cabling/Networking, which enables me to manage multiple computers to be set up as workstations involving an act of configuring more than two systems to communicate with each other and also to be controlled by a dedicated system assigned as a server. I can also easily set up file transfer and printer sharing from segmented points via static internet protocol (I.P.) or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). I understand the process of router configuration, point-to-point radio, service set identifier (SSID), captive portal, bandwidth management and lots more.


I have come to professionally understand the importance of certain security settings and restrictions on P.C.s and the use of parental control. Thus, I have been able to run a personal cybercafé business centre of more than ten computers and have also set up and configured more than 30 computers for companies like schools and call centres. These restrictions help maximize organizational P.C.s’ lifetime and allow management to control official focus and time management.


Remote control and live monitoring help organize stays organized and keep investigative track record of certain low or high performance of staff. For instance, senior management from distance offices can remotely give an explanatory solution to staff on their dedicated official P.C. and save time scheduling a physical meeting for the same purpose.


Depending on the speciality of an organization, it is important to have all P.C. security and control in place for all official computers.




Application Programming Interface (API) and integrations is a unique experience I have come to be acquainted with over the years. Most payment gateways are sequenced to work on dedicated platforms via specific integration processes. I can configure the use of online payment for any purpose. Whether on an e-commerce store, payment-related management, or website. My experience in branding and Domain Name System (DNS) enables me to maintain clients’ unique URL appearance for easy user references for any payment setup.

  • Subsequent free online training on new/simple Digital tools or Technology know-how. (https://deblinkco.com/category/trainings/)
  • I put together free basic applications guide/key points or simple digital step-by-step know-how or guidelines in the form of a handout with a vision of impacting tech knowledge on older adults or people from older generations who are yet to be caught up in the digital age.
  • As a member of certain N.G.O. and Youth forums, I occasionally get involved in counselling, financial support and empowerment.








I am passionate about rendering tech-related services that can enhance business productivity. Every IT-related activity I met was a drive and career challenge for me. As a self-made solutionist, I always try to get know-how or training for any tech-related problems. As I advanced in duties, my workplace became an excellent environment for more development.


My career is focused on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Automation in Business Administration. I have earned an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Diploma and almost completed the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree at Nexford University. I chose this unique career path, which is also in the line of business, because I have the foresight to use my knowledge, expertise and experience earned to support or bring about inevitable positive development in any developing economy. I also have two essential additional skills related to I.T. and Media and acquired a certificate from InnoSoft Gulf in Dubai (for Basic Python Programming) and S.A.E. Dubai (for Filmmaking).


I am passionate about sourcing for a business development opportunity that can enable me to work with new teams from different cultures, Identify and apply new enhanced techniques, improve my skill approaches, and gain fresh perspectives. I hope to have a long-term service partnership goals with businesses and organizations.


Based on my work experiences, self-development, and research, I have earned 16 years in diverse media and information technology areas and have worked on various projects as a team member and lead. As a result, I am prompt in quality criteria service delivery.


To mention a few, I have good experience in the following:


✔ Web Hosting and Server Administration.

✔ Basic Python Programming and Advance Excel formula for automation and executions.

✔ D.I.Y., U.I., WordPress, or any Responsive Web design.

✔ eCommerce Solutions and Integrations (Payment gateway, embedding, DNS, social app creator).

✔ Android Application for Google Play Store.

✔ Brand Development.

✔ Project Management.

✔ Online/Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Traffic Growth.

✔ Virtual PBX System with cloud recording.

✔ Learning Management System Setup for school or educational center.

✔ Networking for file transfers and internet protocols.

✔ Internet Radio and Television.

✔ Troubleshooting: – such as software installation and system analysis via Remote Desktop Control or on-premises. Thus, being prompt to execute solutions, distance is not a barrier to resolve problems.



Best Regards,




E-mail: deborahdurunwa@outlook.com












A lot of people have been asking to know what branded me to my current me. Parents want to know the schools and the certificates and sometimes book me on a counseling session with their teens. I have taken my time to pen down my memory lane and left it live for future updates. The content explains how I started and how I acquired my current skills. I hope this inspires you as you read. 

FOLLOW ME ON LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/in/debbystar 
Feel free to call: +2348126136467, +971848382336, +16679300173.
Link to my free Training: https://deblinkco.com/training/

A Brief Introduction

Durunwa Deborah Ogechi has been an ambitious Information Technology and Media explorer since 2004.
While exploring the IT industry, She has been spotted to have impacted more of her services behind the scenes both in the ministry of the Watchman and various organizations and denominations.

She is a media staff in the Voice of the Lagos Days Ministry and worked under the Watchman Studios and Productions, which is currently powering the Voice of Watchman Television (VOWTV). Although her activities in the media have reportedly gone seasonal due to her recent relocation to the United Arab Emirates in February 2022.

Her journey in the VOWTV media team started in 2015 after she was invited by the National Youth Coordinator (Mummy Carllister Ejinkeonye), to achieve the first live stream in the youth ministry, “Scenes from the Cross.” Thereafter she was opportune to meet with the National Media Director, Pastor Mike Ihenacho.
With the support of the National Media Coordinator and her extreme passion for the ministry, she invested her skills to rebirth and invent many of the ministry’s official online channels, social communities, platforms, websites, and the popular Voice of Watchman app on Google Playstore which currently features a social community, other diocesan live event channels, and their respective internet radios.

She invented the current auto result reporting and grading system of the Logos International Secondary School (LOGISS). And for every approved implementation she initiated in the ministry and outside the ministry, she organized related training for the benefit and purpose of continuity.

She is the founder of DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION, which she established in 2009 in Ibadan, Nigeria. The business had a training section and an internet browsing section. Thus,  at that time, the trend of personal computers in Nigeria was 40%. She also rendered tech-related services to businesses in Ibadan and outside Ibadan on a contract-based.

Her Facility Management and Promotion services, which are licensed under the Project Management and Marketing Management Activities in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, enable her to broaden her services internationally. Thus, her business goal is to become a professional business consultant, impacting top businesses either by rendering tech-business-related ideas or recommending tech-related tools, inventing, or being part of a great team of inventors creating several impactful technologies for businesses and organizations worldwide.

She has always been an encouragement to many youth and young adults who have, in one way or another other, found it difficult to further their education. From her career story, her life hassle slowed down her educational pursuits, which made her miss a series of admissions opportunities to the University of Ibadan and also made her a dropout from top universities like the National Open University of Nigeria and Walden University in the United States. Still, those trailing periods never discouraged her from her educational pursuit. She is still open to acquiring more skills and currently studying a unique course, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Automation,” in Business Administration with Nexford University, Washington, United States, which she started in 2019. Aside from a series of online certificate courses earned, she has also acquired certificate training in Python Programming (an IT-related Course) with InnoSoft Gulf and Film-making (Media-related Course) with SAE Institute, all in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Based on her work experiences, self-development and research, she has earned over 16 years in diverse media and information technology skills, held managerial positions, and worked on various projects as a team member and leader. As a result, she has acquired dynamic skills and is prompt in delivering tasks with quality results.

To mention a few, she has good experience in the following:
✔ Brand Development.
✔ Project Management and Managerial Activities.
✔ Computer Applications such as Office suits, Graphics Suite, and other Media-related software.
✔ Basic Python Programming and Advance Excel formula for data management, accounting, live reporting (chart overview) automation, and executions.
✔ DIY, UI, WordPress, or any Responsive Web design environment.
✔ eCommerce Solutions and Integrations (Payment gateway, embedding, DNS, social app creator).
✔ Android Application for Google Play Store.
✔ Online/Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for Traffic Growth.
✔ Virtual PBX System for outboard and inboard calls with IVR, Call Extensions, Analysis, CRM, and Call cloud recording.
✔ Learning Management System with exam management, auto-grading, and certification for schools or educational centers.
✔ Networking for file transfers, printer sharing, and internet protocols.
✔ Live Streaming, Internet Radio, Online Television Setup, and Program/Content Management.
✔ Troubleshooting, software installation, and system analysis via Remote Desktop Control or on-premises.
And still exploring while engaging and collaborating in projects.

As a team player, she is organized, collaborates with peers, and always looks for ways to integrate valuable insights. Hence the vision for the ministry is to see the VOWTV beam 24hrs on satellite and their internet TV channel.

For the full version of her career journey and story, please follow her on LinkedIn at https://linkedin.com/in/debbystar.




My name is Durunwa Deborah Ogechi. I am an ambitious explorer in Information Technology since 2004, a few years after my secondary school in 2002.

Before my ambition in the tech world, I wanted to study Medicine, with a vision to become a cardiac surgeon. After a series of failed tries at the university, I decided to work in any organization as a front desk personnel. I got several opportunities in the city of Ibadan at that time, like serving as a cashier in a motorcycle spare parts company known as Emeson Holdings which gave me exposure to know how to balance an account, count, and pay huge amounts of money from daily sales into the bank.

While working as a cashier, I also attend evening lessons to keep myself connected to my studies. As time goes by, I became familiar with my lesson teachers and was assisting them with some little tasks. Part of the task was helping them typeset using a computer which I learned by standing behind them every day and watching the magic they do with their keyboard. I was only familiar with the typewriter machine before then which I learned in my Junior secondary school (Awodora secondary school, Lagos) and I could also remember my mum was a very fast typist because I was been opportune to watch her use a typewriting machine. Seeing typing in a unique way, like appearing on a screen that looks like a television (desktop monitor) was an amazing sight for me, not until I was invited one of the days to help out. At first, I was nervous but a guide on how to press the “control s” which is for saving at intervals, and how to jump to the next line using the “enter” key on the computer keyboard, made it easy for me. I had already known that the longest key in the keyboard which has a look-alike with the typewriter keys is the spacebar for making spacings after each typed word.

My humble freelancing support in my lesson place between 2002-2003 also introduced my experience in the internet world. One faithful day, one of my lesson teachers discussed sending an email to someone else via the internet. After his conversation, I asked him what it takes to have an email. He said, “well, since you already know how to use the mouse and keyboard, it won’t be difficult for you, I will teach you. The ticket is sold for 80 Naira per 1 hour”. Then he added he will be visiting a cyber cafe after the close of work. So I was excited and pleaded to go with him which he agreed then I followed him.
Watching him browse from one page to another was too much assimilation for my brain but a good observing experience for me. After sending his mail, he opened a yahoo email for me and put me through how to use the yahoo messenger. Even though everything looks strange in my eyes, it was also so exciting to me and my brain was able to register some striking words using pictures and icons attached to them. Like the Icon for the compose button in the inbox, the icon for the browser, the icon for yahoo messenger, etc. I went home very excited that day and told my dad about my new knowledge immediately after I got home.

Throughout the night, I was daydreaming of visiting the cafe again. The next day was a weekend and there won’t be an evening lesson. I went straight to the cafe again, boldly bought my 1hr ticket, seat in front of the allocated pc, was able to open the explorer, and was able to recall how to open the messenger, but I couldn’t remember my password. I only had my email, the one my lesson teacher wrote down for me. Thank God the cafe attendance was observing me all through while I was inputting some guessed phrases. She came close to me to ask if I needed help with the password. I quickly responded yes, that I just opened the email yesterday. She told me I can only achieve that with the browser. Thank God I met someone like her, she was calm, knows how to explain things slowly, and I was able to jot down some points.
Exploring the internet the second time was more clearer and understood, but as is usual with me, right from secondary school, I always love building my own keynote or handout for every subject topic. So I seat back a little, writing down all I learned using a step-by-step method explanation. The cafe attendance was very impressed by my note and told me about the google search engine. She said I can always gather more knowledge and picture samples from what other people have done. But to save cost, she advised me to register for a night of browsing which she said was cheaper and will help me have plenty of time to myself. The night browsing session starts at 10 PM and was sold for N200 per night. I thanked her and went home to inform my dad about it. Surprisingly my dad accepted that I go since the place was very close to our house. Truly the cafe attendance was right, I had enough time to explore anything that comes to my imagination that night and that was the beginning of my frequent night browsing experience to the extent that I almost became a freelancer of night attendance in that cafe.

Seeing my interest and frequent visits to the cybercafe, my dad introduced me to one of his clients who owns a cyber cafe known as Bright Nestic Cyber Cafe. My dad said, after servicing the Air conditioning in the cafe for him, the man confided in him that he needed someone to assist with the ticket sales. So my dad told him about my zeal lately and my frequent visit to cybercafes. He was excited to see me one of the weekends, but unfortunately, the distance between that place, my house, and my current place of work, where I work as a cashier was very far. I decided to visit during weekends like Saturdays then stay over till Monday morning. He offered me a room in his house which was close to his cafe, and I would go every Saturday, take stock of what happened during the week, and give him the report on Sunday evening. He later became a family friend and I was only receiving stipends every week which cover my transport.
On one of my weekend visits to Bright Nestic Cyber Cafe, a customer came to me asking if I can help him cut off the background from a picture, then added that he wanted the picture to blend with his blog design. Unfortunately at that time, I didn’t know about graphic design, however, I decided to go take a glance at what he meant by a blog and the picture fitting in. His explanation was an opportunity for learning and new insight for me. I took note of the blog site and host which was zzn.com, and with my experience in google search, I decided to explore more about how to design a blog. My research introduced me to other blog hosts like Bluehost, braveness, and Blogspot. During those times. One could have their-desired name dot the host blog name, for example, debbystar.zzn.com. However, it’s all different now.
The picture trimming request from that customer activated me to explore graphic design. I went through know-how on some sites, I also took time to prepare my own step-by-step keynote as is usual with me right from my secondary school days. I also started paying attention to the graphic design section in the publication section in that cybercafe. Watching them design for customers also helped me improve my personal skill. But my change in location duration 2003 to 2004 from Ibadan to Portharcourt where my eldest sister was staying at that time during the period of processing another admission, affected my continuing in almost all the places I was working.

Upon every failed attempt to apply to study medicine, I always fall back to stay with my dad in Ibadan and then search for a new job. Fortunately, my bold search for a job in 2005 got me a place where IT-related activities were fully operational. It was a Secondary School owned by a church that was popularly known for the mention of its founder who is a well-known prophet in Molete Ibadan. I was assigned to work as a front desk ticket salesperson in the cyber cafe section which was built in its church’s secondary school compound. My sincere dedication and humility help me to gain access to several opportunities like type-setting, graphic design, network cabling, and RJ45 crimping, network configuration (both wireless and LAN, static and automatic IP), bandwidth management, drive/disk partitioning, OS installation, security software, program software, system management among others. I can boldly say that I learned on the job. And with the help of the Google search engine, I improved my expertise and my status of employment was upgraded from a front desk ticket sales personae to the cyber cafe manager.
One day in 2007, the founder of the organization called my attention to find out how they can upload his video message via the internet to his friend in the United States. This quest led to my research and encounter with youtube. Not only did I learn how to upload, but I also learned how to reduce a large video, as well as how to achieve a Livestream using hangout, which was the common video streaming platform for google at that time. Although yahoo messenger was the popular video communication at that time in Nigeria, which has video-chat enabled but was for only person-person, while audio to more than one person can be possible in a yahoo messenger chat room. With the aid of youtube resources, I discovered I can achieve streaming a video live event to multiple audiences using google hangout. So I used the quest opportunity to buy the connectivity tool which enables me to connect the church camera to a system. The outcome of my performance on my first stream leads my quest to find out about the best system configuration for live streaming. This increases my experience in analyzing system specifications on a general note.

After a successful accomplishment of achieving uploading videos and video streaming via the internet, I started developing a vision of how I can present a company or organization’s activities in the internet world. This led to increasing my interest in web design. So I started exploring web hosts like wix.com and the previous blog host I had encountered (like bravenet.com). Wix.com was much easier because of its beautiful easy-to-use already-made themes. Although removing their branding or getting a personalized URL is costlier than other hosts. I didn’t stop exploring new updates and trying out other methods of re-designing a theme until I encountered WordPress and became acquainted with remodeling themes to my ideal structure. Then I also realized that WordPress is adopted by almost all the hosts cpanel one can find today.

My self-development made me become a spotlight on my horizon and a sort-after for every related business organization. and with the help of google and free youtube video training, I was able to develop a series of handouts for basic computer knowledge and taught students in the computer training section of the second IT-related company I worked for from 2008 to 2009 known as Pineview communication, which I can say exposed me to a lot more of experience and popularity. My appointment with Pineview communication was based on a recommendation from one of our engineers from Ini-Oluwa Secondary School. He said I will higher opportunities there and he worked it out and replaced my presence in Ini-Oluwa with someone else.

Pineview needed someone they could trust as their ticket sales manager. But with the experience gathered and dedication as time went by, my employment status was upgraded to the business developer manager in this company.

I was opportune to work with top reputable networking engineers in Ibadan who were also working as consultants for Pineview Communication, and also was opportune to attend to reputable clients like senior officers in the Police and Nigeria Army in Ibadan Headquarters (2Div Garrison). My job experiences impacted my personal service rendering, and my dedication and zeal to never leave any reported issue unresolved gave me popularity and recommendations to other companies like Startimes (a former ISP provider in Nigeria, situated in Ibadan at that time), Cybercafes, churches and among others. It was quite unfortunate that Pineview decided to shut down from Ibadan and relocate to Lagos due to an internal management conflict between the founders and the directors or board of trustees. However, that gave birth to the vision of building my own IT firm in order to retain the impact and connections that have been built in Ibadan.

With the help of some staff members from Pineview communication in Ibadan and some little savings I have kept for my next school attempt, I was able to set up Deb-Link Communication in 2009 and fully launch in 2010. My little savings was not enough, but thanks to my dad who gave me some part of the fund he got from the land he sold to attend to some immediate needs at that time, including my sisters traveling out of the country and my brother’s final project in the university. However, God was faithful to us that the man who bought the land decided to decline and told my family to take our time to refund the money back without pressing any issues. Deb-link communication was able to raise the land refund from time to time. I also met other friends who in one way or the other supported me with cash to increase the number of workstation systems in the cyber cafe and also added more systems in the training section. The company was able to train many young youth and adults in computer programs and hardware, serve many customers, churches, and offices in Ibadan, and maintain the official systems in the Nigeria 2Div Garrison of the Nigeria Army, during the leadership of General Cornel T. C. Eze.
While I was gaining balance in Deb-link communication, I decided to attempt schooling again, but this time, I decided to apply to an online international school known as Walden University to study computer science. My secondary school credentials were posted to them and I was given admission.

As I spread across rendering services to businesses and churches in Ibadan, I realized that Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire me. Exploration, pursuit, and motivation are my frameworks for success. And I always find myself having fresh perspectives and trying new techniques which I know can help businesses evolve and grow. This part of me was what activated my missionary journey in 2016 with my denomination in Lagos. I was employed based on my experience in live streaming, and website development and to work with other teams in fulfilling the ministry’s vision to set up its television channel on satellite.

My acceptance to be part of the ministry’s mission and vision diverted my commitment to retaining my presence in Deb-link communication in its previous headquarters. This led me to quickly make a decision that I felt will help keep my presence, by allowing a close friend who was operating with my company name in another location to have some of my equipment and continue with the company’s full activities while I was not interested in requesting for any of his returns. I immediately migrated myself to remain a personal consultant to my top clients who I do visit from time to time and bill annually (especially those I do maintain their website). I remained in Deb-link communication as the CEO and offered personal services based on contract or as a consultant.
To stay focused on the ministry’s vision, I relocated to Lagos and I can say that I have gained added experience in the media world since my working with Watchman Studios and production, the media arm of my denomination popularly known as Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM). However, WCCRM is the Evangelical arm of the ministry officially known as Voice of the Last Day Ministry. My live stream techniques have improved (including combining a live presentation to the audience), and I have gained insight into cloud computing, desktop remote control, basic video editing, android app creation, content management, social media management, etc.

Due to my decision to relocate to Lagos and sign up with my denomination, coupled with the rise in the dollar exchange in Nigeria, my studies with Walden University were terminated. However, I later re-applied with another online University in 2019 known as Nexford university and currently studying AI and the Future of Automation. Unlike the payment frequency given to me during my time at Walden University, the present university gave me the opportunity to break down my fee payment into a monthly intervals at a cheaper scale.
The reason I left computer science to pick AI and the Future of Automation, which is a business-tech-related course at Nexford university, is due to my vision of growing toward becoming a professional business consultant, impacting top businesses either by rendering tech-business-related ideas or recommending tech-related tools to businesses. I also have the vision to invent or be part of a great team of inventors that can create several technologies that will impact businesses and organizations worldwide.

I have gained huge experience since I switched from just being a stationed CEO to a mobile consultant and have been able to accomplish impressive contracts. This includes setting up a call center & workstation of over 25 PC with PBX and cloud recording in Abuja, Nigeria. Including building an online school website & grading management system during the pandemic in Imo State, Nigeria. These task accomplishments are aside from frequent requests and offer to design websites.

So far, I currently manage over 34 websites and I am also consulted by these companies on IT-related matters. I have also been opportune to work with other team members in other business organizations and churches to achieve certain projects from time to time. I also organized training for media teams and IT departments from time to time or on-demand and either remotely or physically on site. For example, I was involved in training the ICT personnel in the WCCRM in August 2018 at Awo Omamma Imo State with over 35 participants at that time, I facilitated Media training for RCCG Region 13 which was combined with WCCRM Benin Diocese Media in Edo on September 2021.

My involvement in technological activities over the years has helped me gain experience in any ICT Project Manager role, and this field at large revolves around the essential talents I have gathered over the years, especially in certain basic computer skills such as; troubleshooting, data recovery, system analyst, software installation, LAN/WLAN connectivity, Networking (for the internet, Printing, and File-Sharing) and ability to use most Microsoft office applications, DIY Webdesign, graphic design, basic video editing, program/content management, live streaming (both audio (like setting up an internet radio) and video).

I have also developed strong abilities in analyzing, and critical thinking and fostered a reputation as a key contributor through communication and customer service skills. My experience in content management was due to an opportunity from View Media who offered my organization a 3month free test run on intel sat satellite space during the pandemic lockdown. During this period I was placed in charge to manage our allocated server from view-media. Going through the manuals and analyzing the setup process, I was able to figure out how it works within 24hrs and was able to schedule contents without much stress. My fast acquaintance with the view media program schedule platform gives me an opportunity to offer brief know-how training to other upcoming TV stations that are hosted by view media. Critical thinking on how a news channel in my country achieves a 24hrs live stream also lead to my quest of researching the know-how and was able to discover cheaper platforms that render the 24hrs steam services, including video cloud services that enable one to stream to multiple platforms. Other recent critical thinking discoveries include; lower thirds and their animations, video break-ins, and green screen, among many others.

As a team player, I am organized, and collaborate with peers, and I am always on the lookout for ways to integrate valuable insights. Through the personal qualities I have acquired over the years and still acquiring, I have confidence in my ability to facilitate positive change and collective effort in any business or organization I am opportune to serve.

I am currently looking out for more opportunities outside my current engagement. Thus, my denomination has recently pegged down on their zeal to run a 24hrs media channel, therefore, I want to use this opportunity to gain experience by exploring working with other teams from other workplaces. Then probably hope to feature with them whenever they are ready in the future, probably as a consultant. Thus, my current impact, and knowledge shared with other team members, will definitely keep the fire burning, during this wait. Watching and waiting with them without any action or active activities will not add value to me as an ambitious explorer in Information Technology. Therefore I am available to take up any impactful offer that can enhance my IT experience.

I am sorry I may not have any official certificate for the numerous skills acquired over the years (as listed in my storyline), this is why I have taken my time to pen down this memory lane. However, so far I have completed the following courses in my studies at Nexford University:
American Institutions and Culture (CUL 1100)
Business Career Branding for Success (BUS 2250)
Business and Culture in China (BUS 2151)
Cultural Aesthetic Understanding (CUL 2300)
Financial Accounting (ACC2100)
Foundations of Digital Transformation (DTF2100)
Intercultural Communication (CUL 2200)
International Business and Culture (BUS 2100)
Introduction to Business Law (BUS 2150)
Leadership, Management, and Teams (BUS 2200)
Managing Human Resources (HRM2100)
Marketing Fundamentals (MKT 2100)
Micro and Macroeconomics (ECO 1250)
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking (PBS 2250)
Professional Communication (COM 1200)
Roadmap to Success (BUS 1100)
Staffing and Development (HRM2200)
Statistics (STA 1300)
The World of Business (BUS 2125)
Total Rewards (HRM3150)

I am expected to complete a total of 40 courses before I can be awarded a BBA degree in AI and the Future of Automation in Business.

Other certificate courses earned include:
Financial Accounting Foundations
By: Jim Stice and Kay Stice
Strategic Agility
By: Gary Bolles
Change Management Foundations
By: Bob McGannon
Organizational Culture
By: Sara Canaday
Assessing Digital Maturity
By: Peter High
Digital Transformation
By: Peter High
Remote Work Foundations
By: Mike Gutman

I can also say that I highly owe my gratitude to the google search engine, managers, engineers, and team members I have worked with and the certificate courses on LinkedIn I have leveraged or explored to improve my personal skills.

My desire for exploration, pursuit, and motivation for success in my career brought me to the land of the UAE. While touring, I fell in love with the environmental structure, discipline, coordination, and more. This led to my decision to stay, and source for a job opportunity that can enable me to work with new teams, apply or identify new enhanced techniques, improve my skill approaches, and gain fresh perspectives.
To prove my expertise in industries in the UAE, I have acquired two essential additional skills certifications related to IT and Media with InnoSoft Gulf for Basic Python Short-course and SAE Dubai for Film-making Short Course. All in the same location, Dubai Knowlege Park.
Also to be authorized to work or render services in the UAE environment, I acquired a license in Facility Management and Promotion establishment under the Project Management and Marketing Activities. My business goal is to become a professional business consultant, impacting top businesses either by rendering tech-business-related ideas or recommending tech-related tools, inventing, or being part of a great team of inventors creating several impactful technologies for businesses and organizations worldwide.

FOLLOW ME ON LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/in/debbystar or call +2348126136467, +971848382336.
Link to my free Training: https://deblinkco.com/training/



I and my family planned a get-together to meet in the country and experience the Expo2020 event. My elder sister (my mum’s second child) was already on the ground in the UAE, and she and my eldest sister who is based in the United States planned it all. When they gave the rest of us in the family the hint of their plans in November 2021, I didn’t picture myself being part of their exciting plan because I was shocked by two major projects and had another brief annual activity in the first week of January. To cut the story short, my sister kept disturbing me to have our final agreed date of arrival which made me give a date towards the last week in January and that settles it.

As a lady of my words, I started adjusting and handing over on a fast lane, all my schedules, two-month temporary duties, physically-needed official gadgets, and back-end assignments to my next in command. The rest of the processes were later done remotely. However, January to the end of March is usually a free period for us because with spending so much time doing the hard work and scheduled automation from April, August, December, and the first-second week of January.

I arrive in the United Arab Emirates,.com on the 27th of February 2022 and my experience right from the Emirate Airline was so amazing that it made me to started contemplating staying a long time in UAE. Less than 24hrs after my arrival, my sister who had already been in the UAE and had all the required permits and ID broke the sad news to me that she has booked her flight back to Nigeria and that I should use the few moments of her presence to decide about my duration, accommodation and other. Then she gave me some brief orientation and showed me all the properties she will want me to help her oversee while she is away. While I was still digesting the shocking information, my sister in the US posted in the family group that she has rescheduled her plans to travel to the United Kingdom. The plan for coming to Dubai is suspended for later in the year. 

Now everything begin to happen so fast and my head started evaluating the cost of staying in the UAE with my current financial status or whether I should just return and continue my contended way of living. In the course of my evaluation, I realized and discovered that her current apartment will be too expensive for my average living budgeted lifestyle. Considering the fact that I was new and don’t meet up with the requirement own an apartment, she used her Emirate details that help me acquire something cheaper. Then my next evaluated worry was sustainability. Stay back means I just have to work here. Moreover, I thought to myself that it will be very nice to experience a good work culture in a great country.

As days go by, I felt so connected with the organized way of life, policies, regulation, and security. Still, in the midst of evaluating my decisions, I decided to earn some certificate training with the top-ranked media institutes, including Arabic training. My purpose for the courses was to be able to show my colleague new skills or techniques acquired and probably impact this knowledge if I eventually decide to return home. I was not used to staying idle, so enrolling in these activities will help me socialize with course mate of like-minds. Yes, the knowledge acquisition was working out but the socializing aspect can be rated 40% probably because I have always been a reserved person and share less about myself.

As the days, and weeks, passes, a series of events and holidays made it very obvious that I might not be using my return flight ticket. This was the fact that my film-making course with SAE Institute might be extended due to the holidays. The Arabic class I paid for with Sahara Institute is still pending. This forecast made me start looking for ways to acquire a resident visa so that I can stay as long as I wanted. Unfortunately, the bad traits of uninformed individuals from my country have created a bad label that made the UAE to placed a restriction on our nationality making it difficult for both the good and sincere people to freely work and acquire residency in the country. I also noticed this affected my job search because out of all the calls I received from the jobs I applied for, only very few invited me for an interview. The rest hurriedly rounded up the call after confirming my nationality. Although the phone attitude I received did not stop me to keep applying.



After a few weeks of my stay in the UAE, I decided to have a working experience with any organization willing to accept me. I wasn’t much interested in the pay. I just wanted a job culture experience. But it seems this isn’t working out. I am not sure if it is due to the restriction is my nationality or the multiple contracts and services on my profile which of course would have been an added value to my new employer.

I have been receiving calls from hiring managers trying to understand why I left a contract within one month. I do not know whether they do not understand the term used or whether I have chosen the wrong description. This gave me a little concern to do some research about job processes in my new location and I just realized that most job offers come with a contract agreement. Then I went back to the Employment type list again and updated most contract jobs to freelance hoping this decision will communicate better to my profile visitors.




Still to come..

Here are just highlights of the names of companies that have invited me for an interview amidst over 100 applications both from LinkedIn and Indeed.

ASTI Technical Academy

PG Group


SAE (Contract) Yet to decide due to some fishy uncleared terms




This story is still to come…

Due to my experience with the agent that processed my license, I was forced to do more research and discovered there are officially recognized agents by the UAE Government to help you get a smooth sincere service. So I will be putting the direct links here so you don’t go through the same stress I was put into. 

Apply online for a UAE visa

These are the online channels for applying for entry permits:

You can apply online for a visa through the websites of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) ] Dubai.

GDRFA of Dubai provides one more website Amer.ae, through which Dubai nationals and residents can apply for entry permits and residence visas for their families. Visitors can apply for an extension of visas on arrival.

Residency visa for investor/partner

Residency visa for an individual in (Investor/ partner)

To learn more about the requirements of each business activity and legal form, check the following pages:

 Let me also save this here 





As a media and Tech personae who have earned quality years of working experience with tech and media companies that control multiple branches in various parts of Nigeria, I understand the full concept involved in many technology and media project, management, or services.

Today we see many businesses making mistakes by employing one person for certain full-time jobs that obviously require collaboration, teams, gadgets, and tools they might not be prepared to acquire. For example, creating a video type of content development requires actors, good cameras, scriptwriters, graphic designers, video editors, and a production manager. Managing social media presence effectively requires the activities of content development, effective feedback monitoring, and full customer relationship management (CRM). While achieving an urgent targeted goal in your business product or brand either seasonally or within a space of a certain period requires a project manager who will involve the use of both content developers and social managing experts.

A productive and result-orientated Creativity Hub requires different talents teamed together to produce great concepts. This is why we work with teams of all expertise to meet up with every client’s tasks, targets, and goals.

Employing one person for a role that requires multiple activities can be context draining and cannot keep a good continuity workflow. For example: Employing one person for the role of content creator job can be completely draining. This is because it requires that same person to meditate and be inspired to think and script out an ideal, then go out of his or her way to sort for actors, supervise the production of the single video content alone, at the end of the day, do the awesome job of an editor to edit same work alone and make it ready for publishing. Probably after publishing, may not have the full time to pay attention to numerous organic responses because of course he or she has to start preparing for the next content. 

Now all the above-mentioned processes, with time will make the employee get exhausted and go out of inspiration which eventually generates poor results. This is basically why most employees in some media or tech-related roles are blamed for the poor results. 

I set up this establishment here because I want to create career opportunities for new teams, and as an experienced leader, I will help the business achieve its marketing goal by supervising, training, and assigning professionals to my prospective clients. Normally before now, what I do after every completed task back in Nigeria,  is to train my client’s departmental staff on the essential know-how of how our setup/installed service can be used effectively in their respective job role. But I noticed that most businesses are exposed to poor system structure whereby new rules by newly installed administrators tend not to balance or find a way to enhance what a previous administration might have started. The worst I have also experienced is when a company finds it difficult to retain their staff or retrain the new hands of staff for the fear of losing them again to another company after much-impacted knowledge. Another aspect is the behavior of certain types of clients who wakes up with many business ideas and feels they can get executed by just narrating them verbally to you. And when you say, sir do you have a drafted mapping or plan, they will be like ‘that is why we are having this conversation.” In fact, I have been abused by many top managers who will pretend they have a business ideal by narrating a discussion briefing given to them as an assignment and then wanting you to help them develop it with the fake promises then eventually put you on hold with an excuse that they are expecting the fund. Only for you to see your ideals being executed in the companies they work for. Only a few sincere ones end up with little starting point for creating a website. Lack of time from their primary life activities and possibly paying for monthly full services makes them maintain a yearly plan services with us and sometimes in my little way from time to time, I share business ideas related with them and help them generate contents which can be reviewed and automatedly scheduled to publish in a certain sequence of time in order to keep the site active or relevant.

Decentralizing or outsourcing certain services to us will help companies concentrate on their core business activities and we will concentrate on all-important services that can promote your brand and generate for you more prospective customers and income. I have access to talented individuals who are currently working from home and are ready to respond to any task assigned to them. My experience in having a good ideal in all the services we render, helps me ensure that only professional content is presented for public consumption.

Visit www.deblikco.com/pricing to get started today.

I chose the project management line of business in my license because I have always had a vision of being part of projects they require my career skills and ideas, as well as helping, manage a hallmark of business facilities, coordination, mapping smooth structure for workers, forecasting, supervising and taking proper reporting of business activities. 

I also added the marketing management line in my license because it is the end game of all the skills acquired and services rendered over the years, whether designing, editing, scripting, business, project experience, etc.

It takes a person with experience in diverse areas of work duties to manage a group of teams in a business or in achieving a series/sequence of projects.



This story is still developing and you can always track progress on my direct diary or via Google Docs.



This story is still developing and you can always track progress on my direct diary or via Google Docs.