Claim the stage.

DOPMS-LLC ARTICLESClaim the stage.
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Making eye contact and facing the audience have already been mentioned in this article, but there are additional steps you can take to demonstrate command of the room when you are addressing a group of people. You want all eyes on you as much as possible.[15]

  • Walk around the stage or the part of the room you are occupying, as if you are marking it as your territory. You don’t need to stalk it like an animal, but walk and stand with confidence — as mentioned, it will be reflected in your voice.
  • Don’t be afraid of hand gestures either. Keeping your hands glued to the podium or clasped together may appear like fear or submission. No one needs to see you pound your shoe on the desk or anything of that sort, but some confident, deliberate gesturing will add weight to your words and your appearance.

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