Consultancy Policy


A Business Consultant refers to any person, regardless of its title or job description (service provider, agent, supplier, contractor, subcontractor, and so on), acting on behalf of a DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION, who is consulted by the Public, Officials, or private persons in order to develop, conclude, maintain or complete that company’s business activity.

PUBLIC OFFICIAL The term “Public Official” refers to: • an officer, a representative or a staff member of a government or political party, an entity owned or controlled by public authorities or in charge of public service, or an international public organisation; • a person authorised to act officially in the name or on behalf of the entities listed above; • a candidate for political office; • a civil servant; • a member of a legislative body (of a parliamentary nature).

Our corporate plan is at once industrial, social and human. These three inseparable dimensions are what gives it its strength. It is based on strong, shared values: drive, commitment, daring and cohesion. Our corporate plan cannot be pursued without ethics, which is one of our fundamental duties and on which we are uncompromising. Breaches of ethics are inadmissible and strictly punished.

DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION has the ambition to base its development on a culture of integrity that requires various entities and their employees, as well as their partners, including Business Consultants, always act in accordance with the Ethical Standards that apply to them. To ensure compliance with these principles, the Group has established a “Business Consultants Policy”, to deal with its relations with the Business Consultants tasked with researching or developing business on behalf of the Group. Its principles are outlined in this document.

DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION work with an acknowledgement of client commitments in terms of clients integrity not to hijack the given business ideals without an initial 50% commitment fee. We are committed to building a business relationship based on transparency, for the benefit of our customers and with respect for the trust, they place in the founder, Durunwa Debrah O, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION. It is also important that the client initial all major charges at least five (5) days after the submitted business ideal preamble. Failure to do so, DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION will not contribute to any further related inquires and will be automatically obliged to share the same business submitted idea or proposal with any interested person without official notice, after thirty (30) days.

The Policy was integrated due to numerous risks some previous Business Consultants, especially during the stage of due diligence when the specific stakes of a contract require increased vigilance or commitment. It is mandated that all clients comply with this policy, regardless of their country of operation.

Customers are to vindicate and specify to the company on or call 2348126136467, any unofficial entity that may reach out to them as a DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION Business Consultants in order to initiate any personal connections they may have with the entity.

This Policy will be updated from time to time.