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Dear Sir/Ma,



This is to propose to you that two (2) or more of our services may be to the benefit of your school. This service includes the Computer training section and our unique website design to your school afar an open doors for international and local opportunities/offers.


DEB-LINK COMMUNICATION is an affordable ICT solution suitable for all economy class (see; deblinkco.com to know more about us).

In case you do not have enough computer systems for effective in your school, we shall be pleased to partner with you in the computer training section, whereby student can have their computer training classes using our computer facility and expertise.

ü We currently have a 8.0 kja Generator that can power many pc

ü Unique computer experts that can teach computer classes with skills

ü Few systems to meet your student computer training section, However you can choose to add or use your own computer(s) if necessary


In the above mentioned Deb-link will only task a monthly affordable charge suitable for your organization. This helps us assist to cover up for all necessary expenses to meet up with your services.

We also design professional website with email service (username@yourschoolname.com)

This website enables interactive communication and updates to visitors, parents and students, Manages your school database, account and fee payment with auto invoicing (online registration), online exam and test with instant auto grading and time/duration control (recommended for assignments, exams, video and audio online lesson, webinar for parents/upcoming student etc.

We also synchronizes and advertise from time to time, our client websites with other popular social media which can bring about rapid awareness afar.


Other service includes;

  • Servicing your computers,
  • Setting up an internet connection with bandwidth management,
  • Networking all computers to bridge a workstation for file and printer sharing. One printer can service all desk computers to regulate printing and paper management and monitor staff usage,
  • Live event internet streaming (Giving you an online television channel to broadcast your events, adverts or jingles).
  • Sales / consultancy
  • Advert / bulk sms
  • Computer Training (Private Training, Group Training, & Webinar)


We hope you find this proposal informative and beneficial as we look forward to your positive responds.

In acceptance to this request, kindly fill and summit the form attach to this letter to enable us proceed with cost and negotiations.




May God bless you, Amen.




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