We all know how much we enjoy listening to music on a daily basis. For most people, this is a regular activity that cannot be overrated, it is something we literally do almost every day of our lives. 

However, imagine getting paid listening to your favorite songs, yes guys this can be possible, and  could actually  change the trajectory  projection of how we see music in this contemporary times.

We have witnessed the paradigm shift from shape-shifting techs and innovations in the different sectors, but one undisputed tech that has come to stay and has advanced the possibilities of a better future is BLOCKCHAIN!  From crypto, to NFTs, and web3, you can name it now  imagine a ”dream project where you can earn tokens just by listening to songs”  I mean, can music get any better than this? The idea of getting paid for your time and still vibing to good jams.  I would gladly do this all day,   ”listen and earn”.